Taking steps..

Life on this earth is linear.  It is a journey, in a physical body, which has a clear beginning and end.  Whether the journey is long or short, we take steps along our life path each day. Sometimes we feel pulled down the path, much like a reluctant dog on a leash, while other times we charge along knowing exactly where we are headed.  And then there are times when we meander aimlessly either by design or because we are crushed with anxiety and doubt, having no clue about which direction to go. 

In our youth, many of us dance along the path, blissfully relishing every step, only experiencing difficulty farther along in our journey.  For many, though, the path is difficult from the first step.  Dancing is either not an option or it takes calculated determination and work.  

As we leave our youth behind, some of us will walk along the path intentionally, our head facing forward, with a clear vision to achieve as much as we can, ignoring everything that would deter us from our goals.  Some, though, will walk a path that is more intertwined with others, accentuating relationships over achievements.  Then there are those who will simply be thankful to be walking at all.. 

The world screams that our path must be brazenly significant!!  Our achievements must be grand, worthy of YouTube fame; otherwise our paths are trivial, uneventful, and not worthy of anything.  Those persistent messages are hard to ignore.  Having failed at what the world demands, some will just sit down, hoping to stop the journey, or even pause it for a brief time not realizing that we still take steps along our path, even as we sit.  The journey pauses for no one. 

God whispers ever so quietly that our path is of great significance, period.  But too many of us do not hear that whisper.  Those who listen to his voice recognize that our journey is more about discovering his wisdom, his love, and then doing our best to pass that love and wisdom along to those around us.  

This journey of ours is tough, even frightening, at times.  We get busy.  We do things we regret.  We get completely overwhelmed.  We fail.  We fail again.  We get unnerved when we realize that more of our path lies behind us than what lies before us.  But we move on, hoping we are walking an honorable path, worthy of the talents with which God has blessed us, while also hoping that God comes through on his promise that there is much more to this world than what our eyes can see.  That He truly did send his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, and then raise himself from the dead so that we may be with Him eternally as our earth-bound journey comes to an end. 

This blog is about sharing some of the craziness of this life journey; stories lived, observations made, bits of wisdom absorbed, hard lessons learned, questions asked, questions answered, questions of faith, some answered & some not, sharing of doubts, sharing of laughter and hope, sharing of love given, love lost, love received.  Enjoy.  …and comments are always welcome.